Hey there! My name is Sean Anthony.  I’m a direct response marketer and entrepreneur.

I currently run two companies: GrowthResponse.io and ProductizedProfits.com.

1) GrowthResponse.io is  a Done-For-You LinkedIn Prospecting service that helps B2B startups and digital agencies generate more leads. I scaled Growth Response from $0-$37k/mo in 6 months, with 1 employee and 90% net profits.

2) ProductizedProfits.com is an e-learning/coaching company that helps freelancers, founders, consultants, and agency owners productize their service so they can work less and make more.  This is my passion project, which has always been helping and coaching others to build their own empires so they can live life on their terms.

Over the last 3 years I’ve used the power of the internet and digital marketing to ..

  • Build, scale, and sell one of the largest Steampunk Ecommerce dropshipping stores on the web ($0-$1.38M in 15 months)
  • Build and scale a YouTube affiliate health channel (Natural Health Crusader – 0-1.44 million views in 12 months)
  • Build and scale a Productized Service (GrowthResponse.io – $0-$37k/mo in 6 months)
  • Attract and convert more than 50,000 email subscribers to my various businesses and lists

I don’t have an office.

I don’t wear suits.

I don’t meet clients in person.

My team and I work remotely so we have the freedom and flexibility to work where we are at our best.

I believe in frugality, resourcefulness, simplicity, and consistent action.

And if you’re here .. there’s a good chance you are looking to build and grow your own lean and wildly profitable Productized Service business.

Yes? 🙂

If so, you’re in the right place.

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To your success,

Sean Anthony