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Sean Anthony

The Killer 3-Step Sales Process For Productized Services

“Uhhh .. it’s different for each prospect ..”

In talking with hundreds of founders, freelancers, and entrepreneurs – this seems to be the most common answer when I ask what their typical sales process is.

In other words, they’re just winging it.

The survival and growth of your business is dependent on your ability to convert cold prospects into cash in your pocket.

Yes .. referrals and inbound leads are great .. but can you afford to twiddle your thumbs, waiting for those to come in? 

I’m guessing not 🙂

For nearly 2 years I made the same mistake of winging it.  

I would get on a call, not really knowing where I was going with it, and the prospect would end up leading.

My sales suffered massively as a result. 

It wasn’t until I mapped out a predictable sales process that I started to get traction and momentum closing deals.

What you’re about to read below is the 3-step deadly effective sales process we used to take 41 prospects from ice cold stranger to paying customer with our Productized Service ( in 2018. 

Step 1: Generate leads and appointments with Outbound Prospecting

Outbound prospecting is the act of identifying your ideal target customers and directly reaching out to drum up interest for your solution.

The most common channels for doing this are: 

  • Phone (cold-calling)
  • Cold email
  • LinkedIn direct outreach
  • Facebook messenger outreach

What you’ll be doing with these channels is testing your value proposition against your market to validate your offer and gauge interest.

If you’re selling Facebook Ads for eCommerce stores and prospecting on LinkedIn, you might say something along the lines of ..

“Hey Sean .. I noticed you run an eCommerce store and thought I’d reach out. 

My company, X, specializes in helping eCommerce stores like yours to generate more sales using Facebook Ads.

Here’s a [case study/article/video/etc] on how we’ve helped [other similar clients] to [get result/solve problem].

Would you be interested in a quick call to see if there’s any way we could help you?”

Important note to remember: the goal of this is to start a conversation and get an appointment .. NOT to get a sale right away.

Once a prospect responds with interest, you want to book time with them for a 15-20min discovery call. 

At, we used LinkedIn alone sending messages like these to get to $20k/mo in just 3 months.

Get your messaging and offer right, master 1-2 of these outbound prospecting channels, and you’ll never have a short supply of leads again.

Step 2: Qualify the prospect on a Discovery Call

There are 4 main questions you are trying to answer on the discovery call.

  1. What is their current situation (i.e. problems/pain points)?
  2. What is their desired situation (i.e. goals)?
  3. Can your service help them bridge the gap between their current situation and desired situation?
  4. Does the prospect have the budget and need to solve their problem now?
We use strategic questioning to answer this and determine if there’s a fit to proceed to the next step in the sales process.
The keyword here is “strategic” .. you do not want to be asking straight up “Hey, what is your current and desired situation?”
Here is an example of some of the questions we ask on a discovery call at
“Hey [name], thanks for hopping on this call today.  I’ve helped many businesses just like yours to [get result] so I’m excited to see if there’s any way we can help you too. Curious, before we begin, what led you to take time to chat with me today?”
“Tell me a bit more about your business .. what is your product/service? Who is your ideal customer?”
“On average, what is a typical customer worth to you over 12 months?  Ballpark number is fine ..”
“How are you currently generating leads of your ideal customers? How’s that workin out so far?
“In terms of lead generation, what does success look like for you?”
“Just curious .. what’s stopping you from doing this on your own or in-house?”
“If we could help you to generate 10-20 new sales appointments a month, can you afford to pay $X,xxx a month?”
“Great .. we work with a lot of businesses just like yours and based on what you told me I feel this is a perfect fit.  I’d love to setup a time to walk you through our entire system so you have a clear idea of how it works.  How does [date/time] work for you?”
As you can see, we’ve used strategic questioning related to both the prospect and our solution to determine their current situation, desired situation, our ability to help them, and their ability to pay.
Once you determine a fit, it’s very important that you put time on the calendar for a 30min demo.
Do this while on the call!
Once you have the demo booked, it’s on to step 3 ..
P.s. – I highly recommend you pick up the books “GAP Selling” and “SPIN Selling” on Amazon for a more in-depth breakdown on discovery call process.

Step 3: The Demo + Close

In this step, you will be giving a demo of your solution and making an offer to the prospect at the end to get started with you.
By this step, you should have ample information through the mixture of your own research and what was collected on the discovery call to make a compelling pitch on why the prospect should buy your productized service.
Here is a framework to give you an idea of the flow of our demo:

1. Introduce your offer

  • Give it a name
    • “Today we’ll be demoing our Sales Acceleration Program”

2. Discuss the big goal

  • Talk about the biggest goals/objectives of the service
  • Paint a mental picture by future-pacing
    • “The goal of this program is to help you generate qualified leads and appointments of  Shopify users who want to prevent bot fraud using your SaaS. We want to help you get 20 more appointments a month so that you can hit your monthly revenue target of $xx,xxx in the next 3-6 months.”

3. Twist the knife

  • Dig into the 3 biggest pain points of your prospect that can be solved with your Productized Service
    • “As discussed on our last call, your current strategy of referrals and networking events is not setting you up to reach your goals.  You have 1) no predictable lead gen system in place, 2) a lack of quality conversations with your ideal customers, and 3) losing high-value opportunities to your competitors who have an outbound prospecting strategy in place

4. Demo not tour

  • Demo how your Productized Service works
  • Only show features that are relevant to the prospect
  • Map each feature back to the benefit that solves the pain
    • [Pain] – Not generating enough leads and customers
    • [Feature] – “This is where we optimize your LinkedIn headline and profile summary.”
    • [Benefit] – “By doing this, you transform your profile from a resume into a high-converting sales letter designed to attract and convert your highest value customers

5. Seal the deal

  • Recap the solution + past results
    • “You get everything discussed today, as well as unlimited support and one monthly strategy call to ensure your success ..”
    • Our goal is to make this FREE for you where it pays for itself. We’ve helped companies like [show case study] to get similar results ..” 
  • Compare to their alternatives
    • “The salary to hire a sales rep in-house would be $3,000/mo, not including training, office equipment, and commission costs ..”
  • Give price
    • “For our Sales Acceleration Program, we only charge $1,500/mo for our Basic plan, and $2,000 for our Pro plan ..”
  • Give incentive to start now
    • “We normally charge a $500 scripting and strategy setup fee on top of that, but if you get started with us today we’ll waive that fee ..”
  • Ask for the sale
    • “So what do you say [name].. do you want to give this a shot?”

Once you get a prospect to say “yes”, you just need to send over the service agreement and collect payment on the call.
We use a software called PandaDoc to knock both of these things out in one step.
It’s important to note that in some cases, the entire demo step can be grouped in with the discovery call if the prospect is “hot” and ready to buy. 
You can also automate the demo using a video sales letter, but that’s for a later conversation 🙂
I recommend using this 3-step sales process to close your first 5-10 customers before you try to automate everything.
This way you can collect feedback, hear common objections, and make changes as needed.

Your Next Steps

Are you looking for help developing your own funnel and sales process to sell your Productized Service?  
Or maybe you haven’t launched yet and are looking for a blueprint to go from $0 to profitable in the shortest time possible?
Lucky for you .. we recently launched our Accelerator Program that helps you build, launch, and grow a wildly profitable Productized Service in the next 90 days.  
If you’d like help with this, click the button below to fill out a short survey and book a call with me to see if we’re a fit.

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